Saturday, November 16, 2013

Banana free post, Started a Tomato plant from seed.

 ~ This is a Banana free post, but this new tomato plant will share the light with our Banana tree for the winter so I thought it an appropriate post.  

 ~ We just picked our last tomato from the plant we brought in during the last of the summer season.

 ~ I already germinated a couple Tomato plant sprouts from seed I got from seed savers in a moist paper towel that sat on top of the lights. They are Mortgage Lifter (Halladay's) vine type and are now in a 4" pots. So far only one seed has put out leafs as seen below. We hope to have some late winter tomatoes.

1 of 2 seed starts in 4' pots
11-17 the second sprout broke soil and is also looking good.