Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I regret to inform you...

That my both my Banana trees I had a the end of the summer did not survive the winter.  Although it was very fun to grow I have decided not to grow another Banana tree.

I did however get a start of a Gunnera Manicata (Dinosaur food plant) last fall that made the winter well and is growing nicely.  It is a bit more hardy in our zone and just needs lot of food like the Banana tree did.

It's not a Banana tree but it fun watching it grow.

   My wife and I have also started another hobby togather and that is we both decided to learn to play the guitar.

  We are repairing and adding new strings to to a guitar we received from Dad that used to belong to my Uncle (Gerald).  We started a new blog for this new hobby at Acoustic Achord you are welcome to follow us.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Looking much better in July

   After the winter my banana tree looked pretty rough but is not looking much better now.  It has several pups including a large one off the main pseudostem that I will be removing when it reaches a foot tall. It is to close and interfering with the main stems growth.  I already have a request for the pup.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A mid winter storm.

A couple mid winter shots during a windstorm.  The cover tipped over.  I will reset the it after the storm.  My banana tree definitely shows some winter stress, but the fact that it still have some green left on the leaves means it has not completely frozen.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Added a peak roof to my plant shelter

Well my structure held up well in its rather protected location against the last wind storm we had Oct 25th with 36 MPH with 45 MPH gusts. As expected my flat topped cover started collecting water on top and I got tired of dumping it. So I took a queue from Olafhenny and put a peak on it today using 8 - 1" PVC T's. I got it mostly done when it started raining. I will get back to it and finish the ends in between showers. 

I also now have a 200W Lasko 102 heater on a 35-45 F Farm Innovators Thermo Cube Thermostatically Controlled Outlet ready for when we get freezing weather. I am doing all I can so my SDC is healthy and ready to take off this coming spring.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Planted Caven in the ground

Took my SDC out of the pot and put in the ground. It is now to big for the house and the corm and stalk will have a better chance of not freezing over the wither if it is in the ground rather than in a pot. I also am placing a PVC greenhouse over it. I fully expect the leaves will not survive the freezes but I do hope at least the thicker part of the stalk will survive for a quicker recuperation next spring.
A new hole for Caven to live in.
Ready for a new home in the ground for better protection in the winter.
In its new home. Looking West
In its new home. Looking North.
In its new home looking North. Finally got his feet in the real earth.
In its new home looking South. Finally got his feet in the real earth.
In its new home looking North with its top up but southern exposure  for some sun. Will close during non banana like weather.
In its new home looking South. Will close my "circulation hole" before cold sets in.
My Plant Information:Super Dwarf Cavendish
Lighting:4 ft. 6 tube - T-5 6400k High output fluorescent
Light hours:14 On - 10 Off
Grow More 16-8-24 Fruit FuelPremium Fruit Formula for application throughout the growing season. Contains full-spectrum of secondary and micro-nutrients utilized by fruiting plants. Provides plants with a steady dosage of potash for use during present cycle of fruit production or storage for next year's crop. Lower Nitrogen to Potassium ratio to discourage flower and fruit drop. Sufficient Phosphate level for excellent performance without over stimulating the plant to bloom out of season.
Soil:Standard potting soil - Without water retainers
Container Pot:21.4 gallon pot 22" avg. width, 13" deep - Setting on a water tank drip pan.
Pest Control:Safer Insect Killing Soap, Diatomaceous earth
Walk in plant closet:7' x 4'-6" - With curtain and a ceiling ventilation fan.
My Indoor Temps:Low 60(Winter) - Average 65-75 - High 80(Summer)
Hardiness Zone:8b North West Oregon Southern Willamette Valley, USA
Cavendish from Pup to Tree:The growth of my Super Dwarf Cavendish from Pup to Tree in one quick post. If you only want a quick summation of his growth in just one quick blog post, here it is.
Paul's Banana Plantation Photo Album:My rather large photo album of Cavendish for those with some time on there hands.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How Cavendish is measuring up

   I have not done any measurements of my original banana tree in some time so I thought I would do so.
Circumference: 16" (at widest part of base)
Height: 27" to top of of a psudostem. (bottom of current leaf roll)
Largest leaf: 22.5" (the latest one) Largest leaf was about 24" once.
Number of leafs: 13 (not it including the current emerging leafroll, Leafs come and go but the leaf count usually remains at around 13)

   Next month I plan to plant Caven in the ground as he is now to big for the house.  I will put a clear plastic mini green house around him for the winter and hope for a milder winter than last year.  Hopefully I only lose the leafs and most of the psudostem will survive.  It all depends on how many consecutive cold freezing days we get that determine how deep the plant gets frozen. The photos below show his growth progress and where he will be planted.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Uprooted some bannas and they went to pot

OK, admit it, my title is click bait. Actually some friends brought over a couple pots and some soil and ask me to pot a couple pups for another friend of ours.  They have been established away from mom in the ground for some time now so they should re-establish quite well in there new mobile home.

   Here they are in the ground and then after I have them in there new pots ready for their new home.

Thetwo pups are left and right of the tree and bush
Established after he was removed from mom
Established after he was removed from mom
All potted up and ready for there new home
   I am also collecting 2x4's to make into 2x2's for a 2x2 green house I am building as I am able and old 2x4 become available.  I have used a number of old 2x2's, 2x4's, and 2x6's that are around the property because they each only need to be 5' ft long.  I hope to find several more so I do not have to buy them for this purely pet project.