Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leafroll 9 of 18

Remember my first leaf roll that came with my Cavendish?  It was Caven`s first leaf after I got him. Well that leaf has ran its coarse and I removed it.
The 18th leaf is emerging. Here are Caven`s latest shots of his new leaf.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Leaf number 10 of 17 is 16.75" long.

~ October 17th.  Leaf  number 10 of 17 is 16.75" inches long.  I just can't quite call the new leaf an even 17 inches but its close. Almost a complete sweep with the number 17 ;) The new leaf  is 9" inches wide.

 ~ Cavendish's is 10" tall from top of corm(at soil) to where leaf emerges from the pseudostem.  He is also has a diameter of 8" inches.

Leaf 10 of 17
Leaf 10 of 17
Upper right is new leaf

~ There are not a whole lot of Gnats, but there a good number, so I added a good 1/4-1/2 layer of Diatomaceous Earth on the top soil.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Removed three more original leafs

Removed three more original leafs and had to correct leaf count

~ Pulled leafs 4 through 6 as they were severely yellowed and dying.

 ~ I did a complete leaf inventory and found after I had pulled 6 leafs I still had  One original leaf left.  According to records actually had  Seven  leafs when I got the plant not six as I has thought.  All posts from this point on will have the corrected leaf count.  I am not planning to go back and correct all the previous blog entries at this point.  I did correct my Banana Tree Growth spreadsheet chart though.

~ The corrected leaf count is:  I originally had  Seven  leafs when I got the plant.  I have lost  Six  leafs.  I  now only have  One  of the original leafs on my plant.  Caven's  first leaf roll  that was eaten a bit by a caterpillar is the  first leaf  and  Eighth leaf that grew on my watch.  Including the  Eighth leaf , Caven now has  Ten  of his  Sixteen  lifetime leaf count currently growing.


Friday, October 11, 2013

From a Gnats view

 ~ From a Gnats point of view Banana trees look like a good home.  While they do not harm an established plants like this they are annoying to the human neighbors.   

 ~ We shower them with Safe Soap.  Give them vinegar bath pools.  We throw Dianatatios earth in here homes.  They are finding out it is not as an ideal place to have a family as they had hoped.  They are finding out their human neighbors do not welcome  there stay, so few remain.
A Picasa collage
Panomonkey Panoramic Photo

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Leafroll 12 of 15 a sizable leaf.

10-06-2014 ~ Significant width and height growth, Lost a baby leaf, Gnats are back despite only occasional bottom watering other than 9/22 when I fed Caven. Leaf roll  12 of 15  well on its way up to be next leaf.  ~   Plant Height  9.5 -- Circumference  7.25
Update: 10-08-2014  ~ Leaf  12 of  15  is 9.25" Wide -- 16.25" long - Plant Height  10 -- Circumference  7.5  -  Caven has become a sizable plant and he has much further to grow.  He is doing QUITE well in the house under his light.  I dusted the topsoil to help control the Gnats.

 With leaf 12 of 15 Caven has become a sizable plant.
Leaf 12 of 15 is 9.25" Wide -- 16.25" long
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