Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weeks growth of second leaf(#9) compared to a pencil

 ~ Before I get to his growth I just wanted to say I've no sign of anymore spider mites. I am happy to have nipped them in the bud.

 ~ Cavendish's second(leaf 9) developing leaf since I got him is spreading ever wider as it sprouts up from the center of the stock. Caven is measuring about 6.5" inches height to the top of the stalk. It has been SO much fun watching and chronicling the first couple leaf's growth since I received him. The root corm and stock have been getting bigger as well. His next leaf roll is already coming up from the center to make his next leaf. Cavendish will be in his 20" - 10 gallon pot in no time at all. Thats right, you have not seen his large pot yet. Well you will not have to wait very long at all.

July 31st, 2013 ~ Almost halfway up the pencil

August 2nd 2013 ~ Up half the pencil now also a bit wider       
August 3nd 2013 ~ Over half the pencil now and widening out
August 4th 2013 ~ Over half the pencil now and much wider
August 5th 2013 ~ Week three and leafing out to catch the sun

August 6th 2013 ~ Almost unrolled and laying in position
And a third leaf(#8) to take its turn during week three
~ This leaf(#9), the second one to me, is the first one to show some of the characteristic purple splotches of the juvenile leaves of this variety and are not a sign of anything wrong. His later adult leafs will be all green.

 ~ Third new leaf(#10) roll is already up to my thumb in this last picture ready to take its turn to meet the sun during my upcoming third week with Caven and is measuring about 6.5" inches height to the top of the stalk.

~ You may notice in my pictures Cavendish get moved around the yard. Actually I move him in an out of the shade depending if it is extremely hot.  Although Bananas love the sun this variety can burn if left in the direct noon sun on a real hot day(approaching 90 F). I also shoot from different angles as Caven gets turned.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Week two and second leafroll (#9) is coming up.

Today marks the second week and the second leaf(leaf 9) since I got Caven roll is coming up and is already almost the diameter of a pencil. Kathy and I have watched it pop up over the course of the morning. Caven is about 6" inches tall to the top of his stalk where the new leaf  is emerging. caven does not seem to be growing much in height with each new leaf. I noticed a few spider mites and quickly sprayed it with "safe soap". 
Nikon Coolpix 12MP Camera
Settings -Manual focus 4000x3000pix - 300dpi
Actually, I am liking this Nexus 7 at 1.2MP picture better :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28 Bonus Edition: The First Leaf(#8) Rolls Out

The leaf roll that my Cavendish Dwarf Banana tree has unfurled over the last 7 days of owning the plant has really been amazing. Here are its progress shots of his first leaf growth since I got him(leaf 8) over just one week.

July 23, 2013 First pot with a cigar roll of a leaf 
 July 25, 2013 Cavens top leaf rolling out

 Sorry for the bad links on this page, I need to redo them....
July 26, 2013
 July 27, 2013 Evening
 July 28, 2013

An animated Gif  of its daily progress. The progress of how  fast plants can grow is so amazing.

July 28, 2013 First leaf #8 totally unfurled.

July 28, 2013. New leaf #7 totally unfurled. Center curl of next leaf can be seen in center. 

Center curl of the next leaf can be seen in center. 
 Ok, So felt like taking a video of a plant.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26, 2013 First leafs(#8) further unfurling

July 26, 2013    Cavendishes first new leaf (since I got him anyway, actually it is leaf 8) is unfurling nicely despite the minor damage the caterpillar did. I keep bringing up what that caterpillar did. I think I still must be holding a minor grudge about what he did right off to my new baby. :-(. .  As the larger leaf unfurls the damage in proportion is showing less.

  Two pictures taken late morning.

OK, I could not resist another picture taken 7:37 in the evening when opened slightly more:
 I expect it will be fully opened by the morning.  Deep inside the center of the stem I see the tenderest beginnings of his second new leaf. :-)
I posted my review of Cavendish at where I got him this evening.
    "Arrived in very good condition and well packed. Has a rolled leaf already to spread. Replanted after 2 days into 7 inch pot. Almost finished spreading out a nice healthy leaf already at 5 days. Pictures of his growth at:"

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013 First top leaf(#8) unfurling begins

  July 25, 2013 Cavendish's new top leaf(#8) roll is unfolding a little more each day. You can see the top corner my friend the caterpillar nibbled on. I guess we each appreciated Caven's new growth in different ways.

July 25, 2012
    I also posted an ID request at Bug to see if anyone there knows what kind of moth this catapiller turns into.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24, 2013 The first repotting

July 24, 2013  I moved Cavendish out from under a tree before bed in case paratroopers of the Caterpillar family decided to drop on him from by air IF the tree is where Cavendish's first attack came from. I also put him an a table to decrease the chance that they decided to come by ground.

   I went out and checked on Cavendish last night and this morning he did not have any more attacks during the night. I will put him back under the tree so he will be protected from the direct noon suns expected 93F heat today. As long as he is not hit by direct sun today I feel he will just be soaking up all the heat and putting it to growth.

  Is this what a father feels like as he takes care of his child? Giving tender care and attention while beating back pests who would harm them?

 On to more pictures of my new baby. before I move Caven to a new pot. here we also can see the cigar roll of a leaf ready to unfurl.

Now on to his new 7" pot. 
I planted him in some fresh standard potting soil. 
I used both greening and blooming fertilizer we have to get closer to what Cavendish likes. 
I fed Caven but I need to get some more specific fertilizer just for him.

Ultimately he will soon be in his more permanent 20" pot which looks to be about 10 gallons.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23. 2013 The first pest

July 23. 2013 As I headed out to check on Sir Cavendish in the evening the first thing I see is his first pest, I guess we all have them but do they have to pick on ones so young? I mean this guy was going to town on his tenderest new leaf (#7)that is rolling out from the stem. I am so glad I caught him.

Looks like a yellow/virginia woolly bear (Spilosoma virginica)
Looks like a yellow/virginia woolly bear (Spilosoma virginica)as per user identification from

    I  looked quickly online for a topic on Caterpillars eating Banana plants and found and created my first post on

Update: I posted an ID request at and recieved a user sugested that it looks like a yellow/virginia woolly bear (Spilosoma virginica). After comparing his identification to other pictures at: Google search? yellow/virginia+woolly+bear+(Spilosoma+virginica) I would be inclined to agree. So you yellow/virginia woolly bear we know who you are where you come from so stay they and don't come back.

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July 22. 2013 Introductions

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Say Banana

 ~ July 22. 2013  I love Banana's, so my wife Kathy surprised me by researching and buying me a Banana tree. Here I will chronicle my experiences with my new baby. Here is the link to the Super Dwarf Cavendish Musa Acuminata Banana tree supplier where she bought it for me. I named him Cavendish (Caven for short) and I will be growing him in Western Oregon in the southern part of the Willamette Valley zone 8b.

Proud Papa
 Lets let Cavendish introduce himself.

   Hello, My name is Cavendish,  I come from well groomed stock, and I have never been shy ever since I was a wee pup of a shoot off of the larger Rhizome family.

   I always try to show some growth each day and am well rewarded when my efforts bear fruit.
   If I get to thinking too big of myself, I am remind myself that I am a dwarf, and that I am also blooming banana's, and that takes a bite out of what I think of myself by a bunch.
   In the end of the season, just remember my motto, "When all your fruits comes to bloom,  Be sweet to others and they will find you more appealing, especially if you are a bit Bananas" 


 ~  With the introductions now aside. I'll let him acclimate for a for a day or so before I start him off by up-sizing him from his 4" pot to a 7" pot.  Caven is currently about 5.5 inches to the top of the stalk where the leaf protrudes. I will measure Caven to this point for a growing reference as his leaf height will vary throughout the week as each leaf unrolls from this point to a full leaf. He will spent the first night indoors with me, I can't bear to put him outside the first night.

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