Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Puppy's all over the place

The original pup is 2-1/8 tall from ground to top of pseudostem and is 3" in circumference.
There are are now a total of 5 Pups Pupping up around the tree.

A zoom around the plant

Mortgage lifter tomato plant vines
Kathy's herb look so tiny in its 4" pot
still zooming in on it
All zoomed in

Plant Information: Super Dwarf Cavendish
Walk in closet: 7' x 4' 6"
Lighting: 4 ft. 6 tube - T-5 6400k High output fluorescent
Light hours: 14 On - 10 Off
Fertilizer: Dr. Earth 6-4-6 tropical
Soil: Insecticidal soap, Diatomaceous earth   

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looks like 4 more pups just starting.

for a total of 5 pups now. This is getting very interesting and will cause my some decisions in as they get up to size for separation.
The first pup is coming along quite well
4 new pup shoots look like they are just peeking with a tip of green
Newest leaf just almost done unrolling
Newest leaf upper right with the next leafroll coming from the pseudostem.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Banana pup center shoot emerges further

 ~ The plants Pup* is now 1.25" tall from soil level to top of pseudostem and whole Pup is 2.5" tall including center shoot.  The Pup is now 1.25" in circumference. 

 ~ The main pseudostem is 11.25" in circumference and  is 15" from soil to top of pseudostem and is 24.5" including top leafs.
The Pups center shoot emerges further from top of pseudostem. So far only 'pseudo leafs' and nothing I would count as a real looking  leaf yet. 
1.25" pup size compared to main banana plant pseudostem which is 11.25" in circumference
A new leaf unfurls from the plant
Main plant height is 15" from soil to top of pseudostem and is 24.5" to top leafs
A zoom out to see whole plant - Plant stem is 11.25" in circumference
Side note: Tomato vine starts I plan to grow inside are coming along nicely.  One is going to my Mom for her to grow.
*A Pup is what a new Banana plant shoot is called.  In a blooming plant it would be the next years growth after the main plan blooms and then dies.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aspirations for a Parent and a Pup

 ~ I am finding it too hard to keep up with each leaf loss and new leaf growth so I do not know that I will continue tracking each leaf loss and growth.  I will continue to take pictures and occasionally measure the diameter and height of my Cavendish Banana plants. The current diameter is 11.25" and plant height is 15".
The trunk size compared to an aspiration for growth

Yea right

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The first Pup continues to grow

The first Pup continues to grow

The newest leaf on top left
The newest leaf on top left
Our beefsteak mortgage lifter tomato vine
Kathy's two herb plants and a Tomato start I plan to give to Mom.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cavendish and baby pup pics

The next leaf coming up from a sea of green
The Canopy

The pup is sprouting on up

Also growing well is our tomato plant start

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Cavendish banana's first pups progress and the 21st leaf

 The first pup now has a .25" tall pseudostem and is .75" tall with the tallest of is two pseudo leafs, I would not really call either a real leaf as of yet.  it will be exciting to watch it grow. It will be even more exciting if I get a bloom on the main plant. 
The pseudo stem of the plant has split .25" wide from stalk expansion which is now 10.5" in circumference.  Also here is his 10th lost leaf.

 The twenty first leaf is 15" long and 7.25" wide in the right picture

2 Tomato and 2 Basil plants also growing under the lights

My Cavendish's first pup and immature pseudo leafs

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First Pup

 ~ With no sign of a pup we were away for a week to come back to a Pub that is 1" tall including its pseudo leaves as it has no stalk to speak of to measure.
Center bottom 1st pup - Top right 21st leaf
Center bottom 1st pup
First pup zoomed in