Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fruit Fuel Fertilizer

   I have been using 16-8-24 Fruit Fuet Fertilizer from on my pot grown SDC(Super Dwarf Cavendish) and it has been showing much bigger leaves since I have been using it.  The only other change I made about the same time was to move my Caven from a 16 Gallon to a 21 Gallon pot.   So this could have some bearing on growth as well.   Never the less the Fruit Fuel got my SDC through the shock process very well with just the loss of five older leafs over a period of a couple weeks. 

My 21 gallon pot grown SDC is currently putting out 23" leafs.
      The Pups(new starts) that stayed with "Caven" during the move from the 16 Gallon to the 21 gallon did not skip a beat and kept on growing without any interruption.   I was introduced to Fruit Fuel at

My Plant Information:Super Dwarf Cavendish
Lighting:4 ft. 6 tube - T-5 6400k High output fluorescent
Light hours:14 On - 10 Off
Grow More 16-8-24 Fruit Fuel Premium Fruit Formula for application throughout the growing season. Contains full-spectrum of secondary and micronutrients utilized by fruiting plants. Provides plants with a steady dosage of potash for use during present cycle of fruit production or storage for next year's crop. Lower Nitrogen to Potassium ratio to discourage flower and fruit drop. Sufficient Phosphate level for excellent performance without overstimulating the plant to bloom out of season.
Soil:Standard potting soil - Without water retainers
Container Pot:Smaller 16.32 gallons - 11" deep by 18" width swapped for a new 21.4 gallon pot 22" avg. width, 13" deep
Pest Control:Safer Insect Killing Soap, Diatomaceous earth
Walk in plant closet:7' x 4'-6" - With curtain and a ceiling ventilation fan.
My Indoor Temps:Low 60(Winter) - Average 65-75 - High 80(Summer)
Hardiness Zone:8b Northwest Oregon Southern Willamette Valley, USA
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