Thursday, July 10, 2014

It time to separate a couple Pups from Caven.

I removed 2 pups and replanted them. 
The pups are each approaching a foot tall and making Caven look more like a bush that a tree.

Planted number 1 of 2 pups and covered with a shade cloth while it is a new planting.  It has been conditioned to outside for a couple weeks so should really be fine but it has been extra hot out.  Is this what an overprotective father feels like?

Picture of plant 2/2 on the left and 1/2 on the right.  Covered 2/2 with a shade cloth.  Will get out to do the other after this food, water and picture posting break.

Caven with 2 pups removed.  He now looks more like a tree that a bush. This last larger pup is not quit ready to remove.  I will wait til he also is approaching a foot tall like the others. 
Up to this point his/her/its.... Cavens leaf's have been layering on top of each other but look like they are starting to fan out in a circular path some again.