Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I regret to inform you...

That my both my Banana trees I had a the end of the summer did not survive the winter.  Although it was very fun to grow I have decided not to grow another Banana tree.

I did however get a start of a Gunnera Manicata (Dinosaur food plant) last fall that made the winter well and is growing nicely.  It is a bit more hardy in our zone and just needs lot of food like the Banana tree did.

It's not a Banana tree but it fun watching it grow.

   My wife and I have also started another hobby togather and that is we both decided to learn to play the guitar.

  We are repairing and adding new strings to to a guitar we received from Dad that used to belong to my Uncle (Gerald).  We started a new blog for this new hobby at Acoustic Achord you are welcome to follow us.