Sunday, October 6, 2013

Leafroll 12 of 15 a sizable leaf.

10-06-2014 ~ Significant width and height growth, Lost a baby leaf, Gnats are back despite only occasional bottom watering other than 9/22 when I fed Caven. Leaf roll  12 of 15  well on its way up to be next leaf.  ~   Plant Height  9.5 -- Circumference  7.25
Update: 10-08-2014  ~ Leaf  12 of  15  is 9.25" Wide -- 16.25" long - Plant Height  10 -- Circumference  7.5  -  Caven has become a sizable plant and he has much further to grow.  He is doing QUITE well in the house under his light.  I dusted the topsoil to help control the Gnats.

 With leaf 12 of 15 Caven has become a sizable plant.
Leaf 12 of 15 is 9.25" Wide -- 16.25" long
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