Monday, December 23, 2013

Banana pup center shoot emerges further

 ~ The plants Pup* is now 1.25" tall from soil level to top of pseudostem and whole Pup is 2.5" tall including center shoot.  The Pup is now 1.25" in circumference. 

 ~ The main pseudostem is 11.25" in circumference and  is 15" from soil to top of pseudostem and is 24.5" including top leafs.
The Pups center shoot emerges further from top of pseudostem. So far only 'pseudo leafs' and nothing I would count as a real looking  leaf yet. 
1.25" pup size compared to main banana plant pseudostem which is 11.25" in circumference
A new leaf unfurls from the plant
Main plant height is 15" from soil to top of pseudostem and is 24.5" to top leafs
A zoom out to see whole plant - Plant stem is 11.25" in circumference
Side note: Tomato vine starts I plan to grow inside are coming along nicely.  One is going to my Mom for her to grow.
*A Pup is what a new Banana plant shoot is called.  In a blooming plant it would be the next years growth after the main plan blooms and then dies.