Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Puppy's all over the place

The original pup is 2-1/8 tall from ground to top of pseudostem and is 3" in circumference.
There are are now a total of 5 Pups Pupping up around the tree.

A zoom around the plant

Mortgage lifter tomato plant vines
Kathy's herb look so tiny in its 4" pot
still zooming in on it
All zoomed in

Plant Information: Super Dwarf Cavendish
Walk in closet: 7' x 4' 6"
Lighting: 4 ft. 6 tube - T-5 6400k High output fluorescent
Light hours: 14 On - 10 Off
Fertilizer: Dr. Earth 6-4-6 tropical
Soil: Insecticidal soap, Diatomaceous earth