Monday, February 10, 2014

A new pot to grow in

 ~ I picked up a 21 gallon wine barrel liner for Cavendish at Jerry's Home Improvement They sell them with their yard pond liners.  Its inside average width is 22" by 13".  Using Google I confirmed it is 21.39 Gallons.  Great for my adult and pupping SDC.  My current pot is 16 gallons. The weather is not ideal for transplanting right now but at least I found my pot.  I had to trim the new pots wide lip a bit so it will fit the walk in closet doorway.

 ~ It is now hard to get a measurement on diameter since there are now 8 pups growing around the main stem but Cavendish is now 20' tall to the top of the pseudo-stem not including leafs.. I will separate at least 2 or 3 pups when I replant Caven into his new 21 gallon pot.

An old 4 cu. ft. wheelbarrow in behind being used as a planter.
Soon to be home to my Super Dwarf Cavendish
In comparison to my 1 gallon watering can and a bag of Fruit Fuel Fertilizer.

My SDC with some of the pups showing in my current 16 gallon pot
There are 8 pups in total
My first of 8 pups is 12.5" with its current leaf roll.