Saturday, August 30, 2014

Uprooted some bannas and they went to pot

OK, admit it, my title is click bait. Actually some friends brought over a couple pots and some soil and ask me to pot a couple pups for another friend of ours.  They have been established away from mom in the ground for some time now so they should re-establish quite well in there new mobile home.

   Here they are in the ground and then after I have them in there new pots ready for their new home.

Thetwo pups are left and right of the tree and bush
Established after he was removed from mom
Established after he was removed from mom
All potted up and ready for there new home
   I am also collecting 2x4's to make into 2x2's for a 2x2 green house I am building as I am able and old 2x4 become available.  I have used a number of old 2x2's, 2x4's, and 2x6's that are around the property because they each only need to be 5' ft long.  I hope to find several more so I do not have to buy them for this purely pet project.