Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How Cavendish is measuring up

   I have not done any measurements of my original banana tree in some time so I thought I would do so.
Circumference: 16" (at widest part of base)
Height: 27" to top of of a psudostem. (bottom of current leaf roll)
Largest leaf: 22.5" (the latest one) Largest leaf was about 24" once.
Number of leafs: 13 (not it including the current emerging leafroll, Leafs come and go but the leaf count usually remains at around 13)

   Next month I plan to plant Caven in the ground as he is now to big for the house.  I will put a clear plastic mini green house around him for the winter and hope for a milder winter than last year.  Hopefully I only lose the leafs and most of the psudostem will survive.  It all depends on how many consecutive cold freezing days we get that determine how deep the plant gets frozen. The photos below show his growth progress and where he will be planted.