Sunday, September 15, 2013

13th - 13.5" Leaf Update

~ Cavendish now has 11 of  his 13 lifetime leaf count as he has now lost 2 leaves. His 13th leaf is 13.5" inches long and 7.25" inches wide. Caven is 8.5" inches high with a circumference of 6.5"inches, thats a stalk diameter of a little over 2" inches.

~ This banana variety obviously puts all its energy into leaf growth rather than plant height or circumference.

Leaf  #11 of 14 - 13.5" x 6.5" inch on the left. Leaf-roll #12 of 14 in center.

~ If Caven gets too big I hope I can get him back outside ;) I am pondering building an inexpensive PVC greenhouse. I need a place for all our garden and potting supplies to go anyway. It would be great for Caven and his pups later anyway if he and his family gets too big for the house.

~ I won the war with the soil Gnats using DE (See last post). 

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