Monday, September 9, 2013

Leaf #12 mostly unfurled. A teen plant?

Caven's 12th Leaf Mostly Unfurled

 ~ I guess this will depend on how many leaves he will ultimately keep at once.  Just how many leaves are on an adult Cavendish?  13, 18, 21?  Will the junior Cavendishes characteristic purple acne splotches disappear on future leaves or the current ones?   The way Caven grows I guess I won't have that long to find out.

The 12th leaf with 13th leaf curl is on its way.
 ~ Caven lost his second baby leaf  today.  Leaf #12 is mostly unfurled with its 13th leaf curl already starting its turn up the center. He currently has 10 of his 13 leaves. This plant is really noticeably growing in size at 8.25' inches in height to the base of his 12th leaf and has a bottom stem circumference of 6.25 inches. Ah, I can remember way back when he was a wee little plant in a 4" pot that I could easily hold in my hand way back in July of 2013. 

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