Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Caven's Mobile Home

 ~ Cavendish is about ready for some more growing room. Soon the 7" inch pot he has been in will  be too small. I have a 20" wide(top) (18" wide at the bottom) (12 deep) approximately 10 gallon pot that will be Caven's next home. Doing the math from Understanding Container Sizes and Their Volumes I came up with it being a 0.8 cubic ft. in size, mind you I am No mathematician b y any means and I doubt this is correct.  What I do know is that it took almost a 1.5 cu bag of planter soil to fill it. I may try to see where I went wrong sometime...but not anytime soon.

 ~ It is black plastic with a dark faux wood barrel design on the outside.

 ~ For easier maneuvering of the large pot I picked up a small moving dolly(from Harbor Freight) to place Caven on. I added spacer support in the center of the dolly frame and on top of this I placed a cut out circle of waferboard sealed in water based polyurethane. I then put some wood strips on top of this to help the pot drain. On the four corners are stop block to help keep Caven from sliding off when moving. I also added some silicone to wood ridges to help hold in place some.

 ~ Right now it looks like he may not fill out the 20" pot yet but at the rate Caven grows it will not take long to fill it out.

 ~ When I decide to move Caven to his new mobile home that I have prepared for him I will post again.