Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weeks growth of second leaf(#9) compared to a pencil

 ~ Before I get to his growth I just wanted to say I've no sign of anymore spider mites. I am happy to have nipped them in the bud.

 ~ Cavendish's second(leaf 9) developing leaf since I got him is spreading ever wider as it sprouts up from the center of the stock. Caven is measuring about 6.5" inches height to the top of the stalk. It has been SO much fun watching and chronicling the first couple leaf's growth since I received him. The root corm and stock have been getting bigger as well. His next leaf roll is already coming up from the center to make his next leaf. Cavendish will be in his 20" - 10 gallon pot in no time at all. Thats right, you have not seen his large pot yet. Well you will not have to wait very long at all.

July 31st, 2013 ~ Almost halfway up the pencil

August 2nd 2013 ~ Up half the pencil now also a bit wider       
August 3nd 2013 ~ Over half the pencil now and widening out
August 4th 2013 ~ Over half the pencil now and much wider
August 5th 2013 ~ Week three and leafing out to catch the sun

August 6th 2013 ~ Almost unrolled and laying in position
And a third leaf(#8) to take its turn during week three
~ This leaf(#9), the second one to me, is the first one to show some of the characteristic purple splotches of the juvenile leaves of this variety and are not a sign of anything wrong. His later adult leafs will be all green.

 ~ Third new leaf(#10) roll is already up to my thumb in this last picture ready to take its turn to meet the sun during my upcoming third week with Caven and is measuring about 6.5" inches height to the top of the stalk.

~ You may notice in my pictures Cavendish get moved around the yard. Actually I move him in an out of the shade depending if it is extremely hot.  Although Bananas love the sun this variety can burn if left in the direct noon sun on a real hot day(approaching 90 F). I also shoot from different angles as Caven gets turned.