Friday, August 30, 2013

Finally transplanted to 20 Gallon pot

~  Well I finally transplanted Caven from the white 7" pot to the 20 Gallon pot I had previously set up for him. We will be gone this weekend and my hope is that Caven will keep more moisture in the larger pot as I have been needing to water him at least once daily this summer.

  ~  I also fed Caven again.  In this larger pot I gave him 2 TBSPs of each of the two types of the same plant food I have used previously.

  ~  Caven's corm stalk is now is now 6" around in diameter at soil level and 8' tall to the bottom of the 11th leaf.

  ~  I also found some soil gnats on Caven's soil so I sprayed them with "Safe Soap"


4" crib pot, 7" child pot, And adult pot where he can raise his pups.
 ~ This picture shows Caven's 3 beds so to speak. His baby 4" black crib, His child size 7" white 'twin' bed and now his adult 20 gallon queen size bed that is big enough for him to raise several pups in as Caven eventually grows to his 4'-5' foot adult height.

All three of Caven's pots are here for comparison 4" crib, 7" 'twin' bed, and 20 Gallon adult bed.
Cavens 11th leaf roll is beginning to unfurl

This angle shows Cavens second baby leaf that he will soon loose. Don't worry he will soon have a new adult leaf to replace it.

I found this guy in Caven's big pot (that already had some dirt in it) so had to move him to Kathy's nearby plants. When Caven was transplanted I gave put him to back in the pot. Bug chow time.

Headed to look for supper
Notice this Walking sticks next meal hanging about?

Cavendish with his new buddy
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