Friday, January 17, 2014

Nutrient solutions

   My plants are not growing very fast and are producing smaller leafs.  The Banana plant has not grown much at all since my last post.  As I feel I am getting most of the light to my plants as is possible for me, I feel my weakest point is fertilizer (based on research at  The Natural Dr. Earth 6-4-6 tropical fertilizer I bought is not enough and it is not water soluable so is not being released/absorbed into the soil as fast as the plant needs it.  Banana plants needs a LOT of nutrients in a very timely fashion.

   For plant growth it seems an ideal choice for my Banana plants is Banana Fuel with an N-P-K of 20-6-16.  As shipping cost can almost be as much or more than the idealistic product itself at Plants that produce. The closest to ideal product I have found is Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food, 5 lb (product #1001232) at 24-8-16.

~~~  UPDATE: 1/18/2014 - I purchased and fed my Cavendish some Miracle Grow at the rate of ONE Tablespoon 24-8-16 to One Gallon of water. I also purchased a galvanized one gallon watering can.   ~~~

~~~  UPDATE: 1/19/2014 - I posted a copy of this post  at: to promote other sugestions to my feeding program. ~~~

     For the fruiting phase I have not yet found an alternative to what is said to be the ideal of N-P-K 16-8-24. As I am not fruiting yet I am ok, but I will keep an eye out for it so I will have a product in mind when the time comes.  

Plant growth has been very slow
Growth of the pups is almost at stand still.
Plant Information:Super Dwarf Cavendish
Lighting:4 ft. 6 tube - T-5 6400k High output fluorescent
Light hours:14 On - 10 Off
Soil replenishing Fertilizer:Dr. Earth 6-4-6 tropical - Using for plant soil revitalization of depleted soil.
Watering Fertilizer:Miracle Grow 24-8-16 at 1 teaspoon per Gallon ongoing
Soil:Standard potting soil - Drainage not ideal
Container:16.32 gallons - 12" deep by 20" width setting on a dolly.
Pest Control:Insecticidal soap, Diatomaceous earth
Walk in plant closet:7' x 4'-6" - With curtain and circulation fan.
Temperature:Low 65 - Average 70-75 - High 80