Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pups and Potting

 ~ I have 7 Pups around my Banana tree now.  I am thinking about dividing off and planting the larger one soon to give to my Mom.  I need to transplant the whole plant from its 16 Gallon container to it final sized 20-25 gallon container. anyway.  I am still looking for a good priced container of this size.  I will probably just find a nursery pot and decorate it with some paint.

I now have 7 pups
The main plants p-tem is 12" in circumference an is 17" tall to top of p-stem.
I am planning to separate this largest pup for my Mom
With my new Grow More Fruit Fuel

My Plant Information:Super Dwarf Cavendish
Lighting:4 ft. 6 tube - T-5 6400k High output fluorescent
Light hours:14 On - 10 Off
Soluble Fertilizer:Miracle Grow 24-8-16 - One tsp. to One Gallon. Using during foliage growth phase of plants.
Grow More 16-8-24 Fruit FuelPremium Fruit Formula for application throughout the growing season. Contains full-spectrum of secondary and micronutrients utilized by fruiting plants. Provides plants with a steady dosage of potash for use during present cycle of fruit production or storage for next year's crop. Lower Nitrogen to Potassium ratio to discourage flower and fruit drop. Sufficient Phosphate level for excellent performance without overstimulating the plant to bloom out of season.
Soil:Standard potting soil - Without water retainers
Container Pot:16.32 gallons - 12" deep by 20" width
Pest Control:Insecticidal soap, Diatomaceous earth
Walk in plant closet:7' x 4'-6" - With curtain and a ceiling ventilation fan.
My Indoor Temps:Low 60(Winter) - Average 65-75 - High 80(Summer)