Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22. 2013 Introductions

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Say Banana

 ~ July 22. 2013  I love Banana's, so my wife Kathy surprised me by researching and buying me a Banana tree. Here I will chronicle my experiences with my new baby. Here is the link to the Super Dwarf Cavendish Musa Acuminata Banana tree supplier where she bought it for me. I named him Cavendish (Caven for short) and I will be growing him in Western Oregon in the southern part of the Willamette Valley zone 8b.

Proud Papa
 Lets let Cavendish introduce himself.

   Hello, My name is Cavendish,  I come from well groomed stock, and I have never been shy ever since I was a wee pup of a shoot off of the larger Rhizome family.

   I always try to show some growth each day and am well rewarded when my efforts bear fruit.
   If I get to thinking too big of myself, I am remind myself that I am a dwarf, and that I am also blooming banana's, and that takes a bite out of what I think of myself by a bunch.
   In the end of the season, just remember my motto, "When all your fruits comes to bloom,  Be sweet to others and they will find you more appealing, especially if you are a bit Bananas" 


 ~  With the introductions now aside. I'll let him acclimate for a for a day or so before I start him off by up-sizing him from his 4" pot to a 7" pot.  Caven is currently about 5.5 inches to the top of the stalk where the leaf protrudes. I will measure Caven to this point for a growing reference as his leaf height will vary throughout the week as each leaf unrolls from this point to a full leaf. He will spent the first night indoors with me, I can't bear to put him outside the first night.

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