Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26, 2013 First leafs(#8) further unfurling

July 26, 2013    Cavendishes first new leaf (since I got him anyway, actually it is leaf 8) is unfurling nicely despite the minor damage the caterpillar did. I keep bringing up what that caterpillar did. I think I still must be holding a minor grudge about what he did right off to my new baby. :-(. .  As the larger leaf unfurls the damage in proportion is showing less.

  Two pictures taken late morning.

OK, I could not resist another picture taken 7:37 in the evening when opened slightly more:
 I expect it will be fully opened by the morning.  Deep inside the center of the stem I see the tenderest beginnings of his second new leaf. :-)
I posted my review of Cavendish at where I got him this evening.
    "Arrived in very good condition and well packed. Has a rolled leaf already to spread. Replanted after 2 days into 7 inch pot. Almost finished spreading out a nice healthy leaf already at 5 days. Pictures of his growth at:"

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