Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24, 2013 The first repotting

July 24, 2013  I moved Cavendish out from under a tree before bed in case paratroopers of the Caterpillar family decided to drop on him from by air IF the tree is where Cavendish's first attack came from. I also put him an a table to decrease the chance that they decided to come by ground.

   I went out and checked on Cavendish last night and this morning he did not have any more attacks during the night. I will put him back under the tree so he will be protected from the direct noon suns expected 93F heat today. As long as he is not hit by direct sun today I feel he will just be soaking up all the heat and putting it to growth.

  Is this what a father feels like as he takes care of his child? Giving tender care and attention while beating back pests who would harm them?

 On to more pictures of my new baby. before I move Caven to a new pot. here we also can see the cigar roll of a leaf ready to unfurl.

Now on to his new 7" pot. 
I planted him in some fresh standard potting soil. 
I used both greening and blooming fertilizer we have to get closer to what Cavendish likes. 
I fed Caven but I need to get some more specific fertilizer just for him.

Ultimately he will soon be in his more permanent 20" pot which looks to be about 10 gallons.

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