Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23. 2013 The first pest

July 23. 2013 As I headed out to check on Sir Cavendish in the evening the first thing I see is his first pest, I guess we all have them but do they have to pick on ones so young? I mean this guy was going to town on his tenderest new leaf (#7)that is rolling out from the stem. I am so glad I caught him.

Looks like a yellow/virginia woolly bear (Spilosoma virginica)
Looks like a yellow/virginia woolly bear (Spilosoma virginica)as per user identification from BugGuide.net

    I  looked quickly online for a topic on Caterpillars eating Banana plants and found and created my first post on Bananas.org.

Update: I posted an ID request at BugGuide.net and recieved a user sugested that it looks like a yellow/virginia woolly bear (Spilosoma virginica). After comparing his identification to other pictures at: Google search? yellow/virginia+woolly+bear+(Spilosoma+virginica) I would be inclined to agree. So you yellow/virginia woolly bear we know who you are where you come from so stay they and don't come back.

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